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by Crescent Ulmer

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released April 19, 2016


all rights reserved



Crescent Ulmer Bloomington, Indiana

Crescent Ulmer is a singer-songwriter from Indianapolis. She draws from many influences and genres. Stretching from hip-hop and folk, through jazz, r & b, indie rock, hardcore, pop, world, and punk rock, she pulls it all together to create a full and sweet acoustic sound that is refreshing and interesting to a wide and all inclusive audience. ... more

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Track Name: You Are Loved
how many nights
did we spend in our beds
wishing to be something else
lying next to lovers
head under our covers
disappointed in the space between our legs

you are loved
so much more than you know
so pay no mind
to what they say
cause they dont even know
half of what you went through
just to be here
to be honest
to be real

how many nights
did we lay in our beds
wishing this had happened to someone else
suffering in silence
from the fear of hate and violence
devestated by the hurtful things they've said


so step away from the edge
theres no need to hurt yourself

you are loved here
and you are safe here
and you are of value
and we all love you
Track Name: Homefront
the coward in me wants to live passively
while i laugh at the folks who live actively
jealous of their lives while i waste away mine
a cynical bastard who hardly ever tries

bar rooms are battlefields, winners steady losing
this booze is the napalm ive doused myself in
destroyed a whole village a shameful name left to kin
alleged non-believer terrified of their sin

all on the homefront
left it all on the homefront
Track Name: She Laughed snippet
at the same tired club with my homies
room full of people still feeling lonely
yet we still toasting bacchus like he's holy
I keep my eyes peeled across the room
that's when i see her
could she be my doom
i dunno, but what's a man to do
I rolled up and said hey, how do you do

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